Sliced Pomegranate Arils

The Seeds of a Delicious Idea

The aril is simply the seed pod inside a pomegranate. It is truly one of nature’s most unique types of fruit. The clear, ruby-colored fruit surrounds a tiny, crisp seed, and the whole aril is edible. Here are some tricks for opening a pomegranate quickly, without making a mess:

  • Have a large bowl of cold water ready.
  • Open your pomegranate by striking the hull with a knife tip, then cracking it apart with your hands.
  • Slice the pomegranate into quarters, right through the skin, with a sharp knife.
  • Place the pieces in the water, then pull the pith out and pull the seeds from the pith. The arils will yield quite readily.
  • To make things even easier, the seeds will sink to the bottom of the water and the pith will float to the top. The water helps you perform the separation, and also help keep your hands clean.
  • Collect the arils on a sheet of paper towel to absorb excess moisture, being careful not to squeeze them.
  • Your arils are now ready to eat!