Ruby Fresh Pomegranate Guacamole

Pomegranate Aril Guacamole


4 Avocados
Cilantro to Taste
1/2 Lime
¼ Cup Ruby Fresh Pomegranate Arils
3 Habaneros
1 Tomato
½ Yellow Onion


Cut up avocados, chop up and mash in a bowl. Cut up tomato in small pieces and add to bowl. Chop up onion and cilantro and add to bowl. Add pomegranate arils, lime juice and salt to taste. Roast habaneros well all around. Once roasted put in plastic bag right away for habaneros to sweat. Pull them out of the bag and peel off the skin. Cut up in small pieces and add to bowl. Mix together and add avocado pit to avoid guacamole from darkening up.