David Anthony Talks About 2014’s “Unique” Pomegranate Season

Our own David Anthony was interviewed by Fresh Fruit Portal about this year’s unique conditions in the California pomegranate harvest. A combination of factors are affecting the timing of the harvest, pushing availability 2-3 weeks earlier than normal.

Here’s an excerpt (Read the full article here):

Ruby Fresh domestic sales manager David Anthony told www.freshfruitportal.com the company’s pomegranate crop in the San Joaquin valley could be ready for harvest 2.5 weeks early.

“This is a new phenomenon. I’ve been doing pomegranates for quite a few years and I haven’t seen it this early before,” Anthony said.

“I’ve heard from another pomegranate grower that he’s going to begin harvesting his early variety pomegranates on August 1, which is at least two to almost three weeks earlier than a harvest year.

“We often tend to have pomegranates coming on later – it can be as much as seven days late. So being extensively two maybe three weeks early is a new phenomenon and we’re sort of taking it on a day-by-day basis.”